We all want a clean environment, but what defines ‘clean’ and how do we ensure that cleaning standards are maintained? In today’s environment a simple eye test is not enough, instead firms should look to measure and track surface cleanliness, air quality and other metrics. The Lucipac A3 Sanitation System is an invaluable tool used […]

When you have an Easy Plate, you want results instantly. You don’t want to spend precious minutes and energy manually counting colonies and worrying if you’ve double counted them. Our latest product, the Easy Plate Colony Counting Scanner will solve all these issues for you. Our scanner uses specialized Kikkoman software, enhanced through AI technology […]

What is the Cybertongue©?

The name Cybertongue© conjures up images of cybernetic nano-bots, made to mirror and synthesize the abilities of a human tongue. So, what actually is it? And why has it won the ‘Best in Class’ Award for Good Design? The Cybertongue© is an innovative food testing system, that allows users to get laboratory-quality test results within […]

Are you concerned with visibility & transparency in your cold chain? Do your customers often worry about their products arriving warm? Do you wish there was a cheap, cost-effective way you could prove the shipping temperature of your products? Introducing the TempSir-SS! The TempSir-SS is a compact, single-use data logger that tracks the temperature of […]

Maintaining a clean and organized environment is a fundamental aspect of any industrial setting. From warehouses to production plants, cleanliness not only ensures a safe and efficient workflow but also reflects a commitment to quality. However, relying solely on regular cleaning measures may fall short when it comes to preventing the spread of dirt and […]

Regular cleaning and disinfection have long been the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy and sanitised environment. They help control the growth of germs, remove visible contaminants, and instil a sense of cleanliness. However, there’s a critical limitation inherent in these practices: they react to contamination after it has already taken place. In the context of […]

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, Kikkoman Biochemifa Company has announced its adoption of biomass-based polypropylene for its renowned LuciPac series. Starting from September 2023, Kikkoman Biochemifa Company is set to replace conventional petroleum-based polypropylene used in its ATP Test reagent, LuciPac (Kikkoman A3), with 100% biomass-based polypropylene. This shift is made possible […]

In the world of healthcare, where seamless hygiene is paramount, ensuring cleanliness and freedom from germs is a crucial aspect of any program including the kitchens. While this notion is widely accepted among hospital operators, only a handful of hospitals employ innovative cleaning fields like ProfilGate Aqua. These cutting-edge solutions play a pivotal role in […]

Maintaining clean floors in industrial plants is essential for ensuring process reliability and preventing material and economic losses. Dirt, whether it’s dust, tyre wear, or metal chips, can easily spread between different areas, posing a threat to production. However, there is a simple and effective solution to combat this problem: the implementation of ProfilGate cleaning […]

Keeping It Simple The topics I’ll be sharing with you won’t be hard core technical mumble jumbo material you get from a PhD thesis, but a newsletter full of interesting facts and ideas centred around Antibiotic test kits. I’ll also be addressing some of the pressing issues facing the dairy industry but more importantly making […]

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