Salmonella Path-Chek®


Enhance your pathogen surveillance with Salmonella Path-Chek®

There’s no doubt that microbiological environmental hygiene monitoring is a core part of any manufacturing practice in the food industry. However, food manufacturers and processors often rely on commercial labs to verify their environment. These expensive and timely lab reports can take days to achieve a final result and can hinder your production.

Salmonella Path-Chek® is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use swab method for the detection of Salmonella on environmental surfaces. With a simple swab, you get the power to detect Salmonella in-house and remove your reliance on external laboratories. At less than 85% of the cost of a NATA-accredited laboratory test, it provides both great results and great value.

The Salmonella Path-Chek®:

  • Boasts a high sensitivity (<1 cfu per cm2) and specificity
  • Is ISO: 18395:2004(E) compliant
  • Produces rapid results in 18-24 hours
  • Gives you the ability to analyse your environment, with results maintained and kept by you
  • Forms a fundamental component of a good manufacturing process and is integral to any HACCP plan.

Testing Process of Salmonella Path-Chek®:

  • Bacteria are recovered from the surface of food manufacturing or processing equipment using a pre-moistened swab, which is capable of neutralising commonly employed detergents and sanitisers.
  • The sample swab is then transferred into an organism-specific media (swabs have a conveniently located breakpoint so that they can easily be broken off into the growth media).
  • Path-Chek® Salmonella are incubated at 35-37°C for 18-24 hours
  • If the specific target bacteria are present on the sample swabs, bacterial growth will cause the colour of the media to change from purple to black



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