Noopli Self-Install Contamination Control Floor Mats


Noopli Self-Install is a powerful cleaning tool which captures, retains and reduces foot bore viable and non-viable particulates. Noopli’s polymeric, washable and antimicrobial surface is far more effective than simple peel off/tacky mats, and provides enhanced contamination protection! All you need to do is place the mat down and viola, your space is clean and protected. Factories, laboratories, hospitals, any space that you want to ensure remains uncontaminated will be thoroughly and sustainable protected with Noopli.

The great advantage of Noopli is that it is a passive cleaning solution, once placed down, all that has to be done is cleaning, and with such a simple cleaning process it can easily be integrated into existing cleaning systems! At FMCG, we will work alongside you to identify critical contamination areas, thus identifying the most effective location for install, and creating a protective barrier around controlled areas.


  • Installation is easy, simply unpack the mat and place it down in the preferred area!
  • Noopli has a smooth finish and an easy to traverse surface suitable for foot and lighted wheeled traffic
  • Cleaning is a quick and painless process which is easily integrated into your operation

Technical Specifications:

  • Each mat has a max load of 400kg
  • 3-4 steps and wheel rotations needed for effective cleaning
  • 5mm Product thickness




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