DairyQuant GO


Analyse milk, plant-based drinks, or creamy products with the DairyQuant GO​

DairyQuant GO is an extremely popular analyser used by dairy groups in 40 countries. With no cleaning or flushing needed between different samples, this instrument is always ready for your next analysis. Better yet, DairyQuant GO complies with the new IDF standards ISO/EDF21543 for milk analysis of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids.

6 reasons to choose DairyQuant GO as your at-line milk analyser:

  • No carry-over
  • No flushing in between samples
  • No daily or weekly adjustments
  • No cleaning and no chemicals needed
  • Stable calibrations over time
  • Reduces your costs and time used on product analysis

There’s an endless list of products you can analyse with the DairyQuant GO

  • Whey protein concentrate (WPC)
  • Concentrates​
  • Ice cream mix​
  • Cocoa milk​
  • Fermented products​
  • Curd
  • Mascarpone​
  • Plant-based milk​
  • Samples with additives and sugar​
  • Standard raw milk​
  • Standard processed milk​
  • Whey​
  • Cream​

And you need no cleaning nor flushing in between different samples.

Everyone can use DairyQuant GO

You can leave the analysis to anyone with the DairyQuant GO. Don’t worry about the analyser, air, blocking, or cleaning, everyone can handle product analysis with the sealed Pivettes®. ​

4 reasons you save costs with DairyQuant GO

  • no maintenance​
  • no consumption or disposal of chemicals. ​
  • easy to use with no break in production​
  • fast and representative measurement ​

This means product utilization, cost savings, freeing up time for the instrument manager, and ensuring product quality.

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View the DairyQuant GO Brochure for more information


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