Quant FT NIR Analyser


Analyse all product samples with the Quant FT NIR analyser​ – quality control made easy

This NIR laboratory equipment gives you a fast and representative product analysis​​.

The Quant is your quality assurance tool. You’ll get a non-destructive analysis of solids, powders, pastes, and liquids with no need for cleaning between different samples. Get a fast and representative analysis of what’s really in your product with the Quant.​

See how easily you analyse your products with the Quant

Get your representative analysis results fast and easy.

See the different sampling accessories explained and illustrated in this video. The same base analyser and technology are used with all sampling options, for all your products and raw material. ​

7 reasons to choose the Quant analyser

  • One base analyser for all samples, with easily interchangeable accessories
  • Product-optimized sampling accessories
  • One analysis technology for all types of samples
  • 3 years hardware warranty
  • Completely maintenance-free with no annual service needed
  • Intuitive multi-language user software — InfraQuant
  • One spectral format and the same software across all applications

You’ll get exceptional spectral performance ​

With the Quant, you get a unique state-of-the-art FT-NIR spectrometer engine based on second-generation FT-NIR technology. The exceptional spectral performance of the Quant will give you the highest quality spectrum with the lowest noise.

One analyser – multiple accessories

With an instrument update, you can easily use the same base instrument and quickly swap the accessory enabling you to analyse different types of samples with the same instrument. See how quick and easy it is in this video.

Click here to view all accessories available for the Quant FT NIR Analyser.

Automated analysis process

You can automate your analysis process with the Bottle Sampler. The sample containers have a lid enabling you to prepare many samples in advance and automate the process, as Eurofins has done with a robot in this video.

Click here for more information on the Quant Analyser

Click here to view all accessories available for the Quant FT NIR Analyser

Download the Quant Analyser Brochure Here!

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