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FMCG Industry Solutions Pty Ltd is your trusted and qualified microbiological specialist, providing you with a one stop technical service, testing kits and high quality equipment to cover all your quality, hygiene and food safety needs.

We are based in Australia and are a team of microbiological and hygiene specialist who work with you to manage and improve your day to day hygiene and testing needs.

Our expertise lays in optimizing hygiene within the processing environment. This knowledge comes from a combination of a solid microbiology background with practical knowledge of the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical process.

All our products must pass our strict quality assessment process, which is why our products are sourced from reputable and high quality suppliers from the US, UK, Japan and Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Poland).

1. Test Kits

We are the distributor of the following testing systems:

  • Broad spectrum antibiotic residue test (Delvotest®). Delvotest® is a trademark of DSM
  • Alkaline Phosphatase Test
  • Rapid Hygiene Swabs – LuciPac A3 (ATP, ADP and AMP) – 10 seconds
  • Protein Residue Swabs
  • Pathogen Detection System
    • Listeria
    • Salmonella
    • Coliforms / E.coli

2. Products and Equipment

Finding the right equipment that will improve hygiene is difficult as there are so many options available. With our strong background in microbiology we have sourced equipment only from countries with proven quality, whose goods are effective and guaranteed to work. Our products are manufactured in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Japan, Poland and the US.

Here are some of the products we provide:

  • Manual Bootwashers – a low cost system to clean boots or shoes
  • Automatic Boot Washers – Full Boots (Single)
  • Automatic Boot and Sole Washers – Boots and safety shoes (Single)
  • Walkthrough bootwashers
  • Foreign object capturing systems (Glass, metal and soil) for wheels (forklfits) and shoes (Wet or Dry)
  • Innovative Listeria Treatment – Phageguard Listex
  • Resin-set colour-coded brushware

Find Us

Unit 11A, 1 – 3 Endeavour Road
Caringbah , NSW 2229. AUSTRALIA

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