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This is the first practical solution that allows you to screen out raw milk containing high levels of AprX and detect problems that may develop in the factory. The Cybertongue© system aims to provide customers with the means to generate their own laboratory quality test results – on site within minutes.

The second generation CYBERTONGUE® System builds on the original invention, delivering a best-in-class user experience with reliable, actionable results.

The AprX test is now commercially available. Our pipeline of CYBERTONGUE® Tests includes a sensitive and accurate trace lactose test that can be used on coloured, flavoured and sweetened products.


  • Laboratory quality results in minutes
  • Results are displayed on the spot – easy to interpret
  • Accurate, reliable results

How it Works:

CYBERTONGUE® can measure a range of low-level components directly in complex liquid samples. The first commercial application is measuring AprX protease in raw milk. Follow up tests will include bacillus proteases, plasmin and trace lactose. Future tests for food allergens and other critical analytes are also being developed. CYBERTONGUE® delivers results in minutes for analyses that currently take days to complete.

The technology is powered by ultrasensitive and specific protein-based biosensors. All tests are read on the same CYBERTONGUE® device, which makes running and interpreting tests a breeze.

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