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InSight Pro in-line NIR Analyser for production optimization with real-time process insights​​

With Q-Interline’s in-line process analysis solution, InSight Pro, you can transfer calibrations from at-line to in-line and get a synergy between at-line and in-line analysis. InSight Pro offers measuring devices adapted for various sample types. One or two measuring points can connect to the analyser via flexible optical fibres.​

The solution is easy to install and use. We make sure you get a fast return on investment with our unique implementation project plan with full support. InSight Pro is always up and running with fast start-up after production pause and with a link to our cloud-based surveillance software, AnalyticTrust, for your reassurance 24/7. ​​

How it works

The base analyser is the Quant analyser. Sampling devices connect to the analyser through fibre optical cables from 5 to 30 metres. Fibre cables are self-contained in white food-grade hoses, which are easy to install in cable trays. The system is fully CIP/SIP compliant and is specified to work up to 10 bar pressure with operating temperatures from 5 to 90 C.

We develop, patent, and produce a variety of different probes and cells which connect to the InSight Pro utilizing optical cables to maximise flexibility. ​

You can analyse various products in-line

With Q-Interline’s in-line solution, InSight Pro, you can measure many different types of products. You can even measure two different product types with the same in-line solution. Analyse:

  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Semi-solids
  • Pasty products

Samples can be made both in-tank, in-pipe, and cross-pipe.

14 reasons to choose InSight Pro for in-line analysis:

  • A maintenance-free system
  • Up to two measuring points with just one analyser
  • 3-years hardware warranty
  • A choice between five configurations
  • Optional built-in 24/7 surveillance with AnalyticTrust
  • Operator-friendly software — InSightView
  • Faster start-up after production pause
  • Stable and predictable production process
  • Production closer to the target
  • Less waste and rework
  • Full traceability and documentation
  • Energy optimisation
  • CIP/SIP compliant solution specified to work up to 10 bar pressure and operating temperatures from 5 to 90 C.
  • IP65 protection for easy installation

Optimised sampling solutions

Applying the correct sampling is not guaranteed by simply going in-line.​ The probes and cells must see the true process variations without bias and sampling error.​ Equally important is the design of a manual sample extraction point, ensuring the important​ validation step.​

All probes and cells are designed to meet strict hygienic requirements. The sampling systems​ all comply with CE norms, such as EN1935/2004, and the only contact materials are SS316L,​ Sapphire, and Teflon.​

One instrument – two measuring points 

With the Multiplexer – part of the standard equipment for the InSight Pro – you get two measuring points and can choose to connect two different types of cells or probes. This gives you the possibility to analyse both powder and liquids or semi-solids with the same InSight Pro instrument.

You can measure different products in the same production flow, or measure what comes in and what comes out.​



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