Histamine Check Swab


Histamine Test system is a rapid colorimetric enzyme assay system for the quantitative analysis of histamine in raw fish, frozen fish or canned tuna.


For histamine screening test of raw fish, bonito flakes, fish sauce, and incoming inspection. It can be used for Tuna and Mackerel. Fishes that contain additives like Vitamin C or antioxidant, it may affect the enzyme reaction and create a false positive. To prevent false positive, add heating process or dilute test sample with 4% Acetic Acid instead of water. If in doubt of false negative, do a recovery test. A recovery test is adding histamine on sample and see whether it shows positive results.


  • Simple : Soak the swab in diluted sample and activating the device.
  • Rapid  : About 5 minutes for reagent reaction.
  • No instrumentation required : Interpret result of histamine level with the color chart.
Number of measurements 40 assays (20 x 2 aluminum bags)
Storage 2-8 ℃ (Do not freeze)
Expiry End of month after 18 months from manufacturing date.

Caution : False positive and inaccuracy in histamine content assay may occur depending on assay samples and pre-treatments. Please use another assay method if accurate histamine content must be identified. For quantitative testing on histamine concentration, use “Histamine Test kit”


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