Easy Plate – Yeast and Mould (YM-R)


Easy Plate YM-R is a rapid-type prepared media plate to cultivate yeast & mould. Distinctly coloured colonies appear within a precise timeframe of 48 ± 2 hours, providing a quicker incubation period compared to traditional agar media. The utilization of a redox indicator results in the development of purple-hued colonies, facilitating effortless identification and enumeration, even when food remnants are present. Mould colonies display an expansive distribution, forming purple colonies with blurred boundaries, while yeast colonies manifest as compact circular formations with well-defined edges.


1. Easy to distinguish bright-coloured colonies in just 48 hours

  • Identifying is simpler in comparison to agar count media due to the colour change
  • The use of Easy Plate only requires a single sheet, whereas the surface plating method typically needs three or more plates.

2. High correlation with the plate count agar

High correlation with the plate count agar in various foods. According to the research by DNP.

Colouring of Plate Surface Caused by Enzymes in Foods

Easy Plate YM-R has purple colonies. Yeast would appear as colonies with small circles and defined edges.

The mould colonies spread widely and form purple colonies with diffuse edges.




-Incubation conditions: 25℃, 48 hours

Product Specifications

Packaging 100 tests (25 tests x 4 bags)
Object Microorganism Yeast and Mould
Incubation Times 48 ± 2 hours
Incubation Temperature 25 ± 1℃
Storage Condition (Unopened) 2 – 8℃
Storage Condition (After opened) After opening the package, fold the open end of the package at least 2 times and tape it. Store in a refrigerator (2 to 8°C) and use within 1 month.
Shelf life 18 months after manufacturing date
Certification/Regulation AOAC RI PTM Certification & MicroVal Certification under validation

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