Sterihands Electrical Hand Sanitiser

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Automiser hands sanitising machine.  Suitable for all situations where a quick and absolute protection against virus, germs and bacteria is required.

It is activated by putting your hands inside the opening of the machine. Water based sanitisers can be used to get an excellent hand sanitising.

Strict bacterial inhibition tests showed the bacteria, germs and viruses vaporized by Sterihands.

Does not cause irritation to skin wounds or burns. Perfect for shops, offices, restaurants or food manufactures.

This model can be connected to the mains; no need of battery re-charging.

Operating Instructions:

Put your hands inside the opening to start atomisation of the antibacterial solution.  The sanitising dispensing will stop when you move your hands away from the opening. The machine can be set up to stop the dispensing after a certain time.

Technical data

Sanitising speed: 3 to 5 sec.
Supply voltage: 230 V
battery version: 12 V
Electronic version: 230 V
Working voltage: 12 V
Tank capacity: 1000 cc
Electrical absorption: 20 W
Weight: 5 Kgs
Dimensions: 220mm x 270mm x 405mm


Sterihand SH300 Brochure

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