Swabsure Salmonella Kit

This kit will assist in the detection of Salmonella from work surfaces and manufacturing equipment in food handling and manufacturing environments.


SwabSURE Pathogen Detection Kits are intended for the detection of important food pathogens on food contact surfaces in food handling and manufacturing environments where regular disinfecting/sanitising is performed. Routine sampling for pathogens is a fundamental part of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and essential for adhering to a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plan.


  1. Simple and safe to use
  2. Easy to read colour change
  3. Sensitive < 5 cfu/swab
  4. ISO 18593:2018 compliant
  5. Results in 18-24 hours
  6. Pre-moistened swabs for optimised recovery
  7. Neutralising buffer to neutralise Sanitiser & Detergent residues

Technical Service Consultants Ltd has released the SwabSURE Pathogen Detection Kits for the detection of important food-borne pathogens (Listeria spp, E.coli & Coliforms and Salmonella spp.) from work surfaces and manufacturing equipment in food handling and manufacturing environments. The pathogen detection kit consists of two units; a pre-moistened swab, which has the benefit of neutralising the effects of cleaning solutions and improving bacteria recovery from dry surfaces; and a highly specific and sensitive detection media which gives results by providing a clear visual colour change in 18-24 hours for Salmonella spp.  if specific organisms are present on surfaces.

The pathogen detection kit meets the requirements of ISO 18593:2018 and is compliant with the requirements of USDA, FSIS and BAM but unlike similar methods does not require a pre-enrichment step. The use of the SwabSURE Pathogen Detection Kit provides a rapid, easy-to-use and cost-effective method of pathogen and hygiene monitoring, which should be part of any comprehensive HACCP plan.


A colour change indicates a presumptive positive result which can be acted on immediately. When required, positive results can be confirmed from the broth using standard microbiological or molecular methods either in house or sent to an external laboratory.

Pack Size

100 tests


Swabsure Brochure

Swabsure Salmonella Instruction Manual

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