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The Delvotest® is the mostly widely used antibiotic test used for the detection of antibiotic residues in milk and dairy products globally. It is the only broad spectrum test in the world with the ability to detect the widest range of antibiotics in a single test and have AOAC and or AFNOR certification.

It was launched in 1973 and was originally develop for the detection of Sulphadiazine and Penicillin G in milk. The original test required the addition of a nutrient tablet before the addition of milk during testing. Further development has seen the tablet removed and incorporated within the agar and therefore No Tablet was needed. That’s why the abbreviation SPNT now stands for Sulphadiazine Penicillin No Tablet.

The test has been since become the market leader and “Gold Standard” for the detection of antibiotic residues in milk globally due to its reliability and cost effectiveness. In fact many countries are using the Delvotest as their reference test. Many of Australia’s largest export customer are officially using this test to screen dairy products imported into their country. It is the official test used by the Chinese government.

Delvotest® SP NT 5 Plates is a Broad Spectrum antibiotic test. Suitable for testing individual cows after treatment and bulk tanks. Simple to use, very reliable and inexpensive per test. 50 test pack with instructions. Result in 3 hours.

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5 plates



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