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Electrical atomiser especially designed for a quick and safe sanitising of feet and footwear.

An ergonomic and functional design combined with a high-quality performance are the main features of Sterijet.

Sterijet assures the hygiene in both professional and sports fields.

It is especially recommended for use in fitness centres, beauticians, swimming pools and bathing establishments, gyms, doctor’s surgeries, hotels and hospitals.

The device’s handle is especially designed to help people in keeping their balance during the sanitising process of feet or footwear.

This unit has a 1.5 Lt. inside tank allowing feet or footwear sanitising for approx. 150 people.

This model works with a 12 Volt rechargeable battery. This sanitiser is especially recommended for use in swimming pools and fitness centres since it has a low voltage and no cables.

This model is equipped with a mobile support on blue wheels, allowing to use and place it wherever it is required.

Operating Instructions:
Move your feet or footwear to the opening and press the button on the sanitiser’s handle to start atomisation process.

Technical data

Supply Voltage: 115/230 V
50/60 Hz
Working Voltage: 12 V
Tank Capacity: 1500 cc
Eletrical Absorption: 40 W
Weight: 23 Kg
Dimensions: 180mm x 290mm x 1030mm

ST300 Brochure

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