Cyclone Suction Mat



The Perfect Solution to Keep Floor Clean in Workplaces and Premises.

Powerful and Instant Suction 

  • Sucks up dirt and dust instantly from bottom of shoes by Cyclone Technology
  • HEPA filter filtration to remove and collect microdust less than 0.3 micron
  • Fully automated operation by sensor during stepping and walking on the suction mat

Easy and Simple Operation

  • Simple disposal of the collected waste by opening the dust collector cover
  • Neat and compact design to fit in any places and match with the surrounding area
  • Movable and sizable design with various sizes available for applications

Durable and Robust “Cell” Module

  • World’s first robust “Cell” module design for durable and resistive structures.
  • Made of polycarbonate designed to withstand impacts from steps and stomps.
  • Simple, easy and economic operation and maintenance

Air Shower Room Enhancement

  • Enhances the performance of Air Shower Rooms


Technical Data


Technical Overview CM 104M-23 Cyclone Suction Mat
Power 110 ~ 240AC / 50Hz, 60Hz
Power consumption 1.35 kW
Suction cell composition 2 x 3 (6Cell structure)
Suction Cell size 600 x 900 mm (40 kg)
Suction mat frame size 1200 x 700 x H 43 mm
Dust collector size 587 x 300 x H 475 mm (45 kg)
Monitor tower height 925 mm


Cell Module Specification CM 104M-23 Cyclone Suction Mat
Cell module size 300 x 300 x H 43 mm (40 kg)
No. of suction pins 61 pins
Material Poly carbonate


Motor CM 104M-23 Cyclone Suction Mat
Input 1.192 kW
Current 5.8 A
Speed (rpm) 21,012
Vacuum 297H (mmH2O)
Air flow 3.149 m3/min.
Suction power 152.64 W
Monitor tower height 925 mm


HEPA filter CM 104M-23 Cyclone Suction Mat
Dual HEPA filer Round & Square
Efficiency Up to 0.3 micron



Product Description 

Product Manual 

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