LuciPac A3 Sanitation System

Ultra sensitive rapid hygiene test system that detects contamination within 10 seconds


Lucipac A3 Sanitation System is developed by Kikkoman with patented A3 Technology to detect residues and microorganisms that others miss. It is incredibly easy to use. Just one swab and it detects ATP+ADP+AMP to give you the whole picture in 10 seconds. It is the most advanced sensitivity and detection power available.

Check out this comparison between conventional ATP Test and Lucipac A3 to show the sensitivity of  Lucipac A3.

The patented system is now AOAC certified providing confidence on the results.

This system is also recommended for COVID-19 cleaning by IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) Australia. Refer to page 40 of the Guidelines to COVID-19 cleaning.

Independent laboratory testing confirms that the Kikkoman A3 technology provides detection of residues at levels much lower than other tests on the market. Using residue from many different foods, laboratory testing proved that Kikkoman A3 technology produced a test result (relative light units – RLU) an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products. In many of the foods tested, Kikkoman A3 technology showed a strong presence of residue while the competitive products produced test results below typical action levels showing that Kikkoman A3 can reduce the risks from false negative results.

Lumitester™ Smart

Measures the hygiene status of a particular area in seconds with on-site detection of microorganisms or organic residues. It detects all organic-based contaminations. The Lumitester™ Smart is best suited for manufacturing sites, pharmaceutical and medical spheres, catering and kitchens.

The Lumitester™ Smart is used with LuciPac A3 Surface and Lucipac A3 Water which provides a rapid detection of food and microbiological residues on all product contact surfaces. It provides an effective testing of cleaning and disinfection measures. A quantitative determination of the intra and extracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP), adenosine monophosphate (AMP) and adenosine diphosphate (ADP) is performed in the portable instrument. The system not only measures the amount of ATP present, but due to the reaction integrated AMP and ADP, the system is also able to detect more stable AMP and ADP. The sensitivity of the measurements taken by the Lumitester™ is substantially increased, particularly in production areas, where highly processed foods are processed further. The Lumitester™ for ATP, AMP and ADP is the most innovative device available. ATP, AMP and ADP are the molecules present in the cells of all living beings – animals, plants, mold, yeast or bacteria.

Test results data from the Lumitester™ Smart can be easily set up, record and analyse using its App in Smartphone/Tablet/PC and accessible anywhere with cloud storage.

Kikoman A3


Lumitester Smart was awarded in iF-Design-Award 2021



Lucipac A3 Surface

The Lucipac A3 Surface is the swab to be used with Lumitester™ Smart to detect food and microbiological residues on surfaces.

Lucipac A3 Water

The Lucipac A3 Water is the swab to be used with Lumitester™ Smart for testing cleanliness levels of water and other liquid samples.


  • Consistent results and higher sensitivity, detects not only ATP, but also ADP and AMP
  • Faster, simple, safe, precise and easier to use than conventional tests – 10 seconds
  • Advanced chemistry produces superior detection to uncover all levels of contaminants
  • Rapid on-site verification of sanitation processes, hence can be used as on-site improvement tool
  • Easy to standardize as everyone can determine with the same criteria
  • Easy to determine pass or fail as the result is displayed in numeric value
  • Manage the data results easily with the App
  • Access from anywhere with cloud storage

Key Features

  • Detergent-tolerant luciferase for correct results
  • Measurement in RLU–Relative Light Units
  • Temperature Compensation for stable measurements at 10-400°C
  • Self diagnoses to check cleanliness of the measurement chamber
  • 8 language display options to allow the instrument to be used in different countries
  • Use the App to record, analyse and access the data via Smartphone/Tablet/PC
  • Bluetooth pairing with smartphone and tablet is available.
  • Easy to set test points and benchmark values using the App
  • Easy to link test points and test results
  • A trend graph is automatically created for each test point 
  • Visualize overall test results and pass/fail rates through graphs
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere, by any devices 
  • Centralized multi-site data management


  • Measurement time:10 seconds
  • Data output: Relative Light Unit(RLU)
  • Power: Two AA alkaline or nickel hydride rechargeable batteries
  • Accessories: Two AA alkaline batteries, cleaning brush, USB cable, strap, Quick Manual

Storage Condition for Lucipac A3

  • 2-8°C (Do not freeze)
  • 14 days at 25°C or 5 days at 30°C when the pack has not been opened

Expiry Date for Lucipac A3

    15 months after manufacturing date

Learn more about the Lumitester™ SMART App!


Lumitester™ Control Kit

The Lumitester™ Control Kit offers a straightforward approach to calibrate the sensitivity of your Lumitester™ SMART and assess its operational efficiency. Simply charge the positive rod for about 30 seconds using the adaptors included and insert it into the measurement chamber of your Lumitester™ SMART to perform calibrations in a matter of minutes.


  • Easily do frequent sensitivity checks for the Lumitester™ SMART
  • Reduces the frequency of calibrations


Charge Time 30 seconds or more ( with exclusive AC/DC adaptor )
Dimensions / Weight Diameter : 12mm, Length : 135mm / About 20g
Components Blank tubes ( negative rod ), AC/DC adaptor for charge, AC power cord A plug type, AC power cord C plug type, Operation manual
Storage Temperature 0℃ – 35℃
Charge Time 30 seconds or more
Operating Time 15 minutes after a full charge


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