• Dirt Capturing System - captures glass, metal, nails and other foreign objects automatically.

  • Looking for a solution to your hygiene problems? Then we are the right people to contact. We can come to your place to assess your site and recommend appropriate hygiene solutions tailored to your needs and budgets.

  • Reduce foreign matter from entering high risk area

  • We have extensive experience and expertise in the meat industries. We have in depth knowledge of government rules and regulations in managing hygiene and cleanliness in this industry.

  • We have various types of industrial cleaning machines to suit your requirements. All of them are 100% environmentally friendly and guaranteed to clean & sanitize effectively. Reduce your downtime with the right cleaning machine.

  • Profilgate Aqua – cleans and sanitise tyres

  • At FMCG industry solutions we provide you with cleaning and sanitation solutions that’ll keep your environment clean and free from your target pathogen.

  • Dirt Capturing System – Captures dirt automatically

  • We have a range of boot washers and cleaning machines suitable for mining industries to suit your budget and requirements

  • Increase safety in your workplace with our cleaning equipments that are built to the highest standards for your industries

  • Our cleaning equipments are built, engineered and manufactured in Germany to ensure the highest standard for your industries


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Solamat 400

Dry or wet sole cleaning

The innovative sole cleaning devices Solamat 400, 450 and 500 close the gap between our Soltec and Solamatic models on the one hand and the smaller stations Solamat 90, 100 and 200 on the other hand.

These high quality industry devices are made entirely from stainless steel. They should be used as a forced pathway which all users have to pass. Before entering the actual cleaning area the user will be recognised by an optical sensor located in the hand rail. This sensor automatically starts the counter-rotating wheel brushes and switches the machine off when the user has left the device.

Solamat 400 and 450 are made for dry cleaning, where brushed off dirt will be collected in a drawer at the bottom of the machine, which can be easily pulled for cleaning.




Belt drive and strong motor

RPM of the brushes:
Uses frequency inverter continuously variable

70cm x 75cm x 18.5/128cm
width x depth x height

Dimension of brush area:
40cm x 50cm x 1cm
width x depth x height

Nylon fiber: 0,40mm, black, hard

90kg net, 102kg gross

Start/Stop automatism:
Uses optical sensor

Power supply:
230 volt (110 volt optionally)

0,18kW, 50Hz, Iso-Cl F, IP 55


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