• Dirt Capturing System - captures glass, metal, nails and other foreign objects automatically.

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  • Dirt Capturing System – Captures dirt automatically

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ProfilGate® - Foreign Object Capturing System


ProfilGate® is a foreign object capturing system which automatically captures glass, metals, stones and soil from the soles of safety shoes and trolley wheels (even soil from forklift tyres).

The root cause of many foreign object contaminants are always found on the floor where they are easily transferred from an outside environment (high risk) into the production or packing floor (low risk). Foreign contaminants (metal shavings), office (staples) or even glass or soil from a production line can easily end up into products. Even detection systems (metal and X-ray detectors) may not pick up small sized objects (<2.0mm) such as staples or a sliver of glass.

And the worst thing is that just one foreign contaminant (glass or metal) can result in product recalls. The phone calls to customer (Woolworths and Coles!), the calls to regulators, the media and even your manager or CEO. It goes on and on for days and weeks.
Up until now, the only way to capture contaminants is using a cleaner who sweeps the floor and uses vacuums to suck up small particles. It’s costly and inefficient as they normally include this as one of many other tasks they perform during their shift.
The Profligate is a patented capturing system introduced in 2010 from Germany. The system captures all foreign objects through traffic movement 24/7 and besides emptying out the captured soil, it’s virtually maintenance free. It consists of a stainless steel capturing tray, metal grid and special capturing brushes angled with specific hardness, height and angle to remove the soil upon contact. Everything is captured into the stainless steel tray 24/7, 7 days per week.
Perfect for warehouse entrances, production floors, maintenance entrances and so forth. The system is used by Automotive industries such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and Opel. In the beverage industry it is used by Bavarian Breweries and in Dairy by Friesland Campina– the world largest dairy co-operative. 




It can be mounted at ground level or above ground level and be accessed via flat ramps. This way a forced passage can be set up easily which all vehicles have to pass.

Hot-dipped grates with special brushes are placed inside stainless-steel bins, which collect the brushed off dirt. The particular angle of the special brushes automatically clean all kind of tire treads mechanically when crossing the grates. Electricity is not necessary.

Cleaning grates
(standard sizes):
324 mm x 976 mm x 45 mm
702 mm x 976 mm x 45 mm
1.012 mm x 976 mm x 45 mm
1.212 mm x 976 mm x 45 mm

Hard rubber ramp:
760 mm x 650 mm x 48 mm

Power supply:
no power supply



Hot-dipped grates             Cleaning method protected by patents



Easy cleaning of the           The dirt is absorbed and collected

stainless steel bins



Mere mechanical cleaning of wheels and tires


Hold up to 10 tons of cargo



2 ways of installation: 'in the floor' or 'above ground'

Suitable for nearly all kind of vechicles

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